Lesson Learnt – Save Assets
2011/03/28 (166 words)

I really should learn from my past mistakes, and usually I do, but this one comes to bite me again and again. I never save assets.

This results in me having to find fonts, recreate images and the like over and over. If you do a hard refresh of this page (CTRL+F5) you will notice the logo looks a little different. This is because I couldn’t find the font I used before and had to find something similar.

Never-mind, it looks alright and I have a copy of the font in source control now so I should be OK going forward. In other news the interface has changed a little. I now have what looks like any other search site’s search box on main page which jumps to the top like Google when you start typing. I am pretty happy with it.

I have a few things in the pipeline too and should start delivering on them soonish. As always I will post details in here.