2011/10/10 (164 words)

It was a long weekend here in Australia and as such I decided to take it with my girlfriend and spend time totally off the grid. As I came back from my time off I had a look at my general stats and was very surprised to see some massive spikes. Looked into it a bit more and it seems has gotten some coverage from a few sites. See the below,

Of note to me were the happy people, and more importantly the non happy ones.

Vinay Chowdary · Gayatri Vidya Parishad

_I tried to search as cobol exec.

result is null.

i am also not impressed._

Nilesh Raghuvanshi

Tried for some simple search e.g. c++ aoti, c++ make_pair, cpp aoti. No results :-(. Not impressed!

This sort of feedback is just what I needed. I have been working on Ruby and C# but will step up adding C++ and Cobol (was that post serious?) as quickly as I can.