Updates Coming Soon
2012/01/13 (183 words)

A few updates should be rolling out soon to searchco.de with the first being a big jump on the amount of open source/free software code being indexed. At last check there was about 1.1 billion lines of code indexed. This should more then double in the next release to well over 2 billion. When I have an exact count I will publish it here.

Secondly some massive speed increases are on the way. This will mostly be due to beefing up the server that its running on (subject of another to be written blog post). Finally I am working on adding a tree view of projects into the mix so you can navigate between files on the same project.

I do have a backlog of requests from people which are yet to be worked on. The most important as far as I can see is extending the regex search to work over lines as currently its limited to individual lines. I have this working in a branch but need to fix some performance issues before rolling it out to the public at large.