Growing Index
2012/04/13 (216 words)

Happy to announce that the code index is growing nicely. Even as you read this blog (assuming anyone does read it) thousands of new files are being added to the index. I suspect in time the code index will be one of the larger ones on the web. At last count it was well over 2 billion lines of code but I suspect this has grown quite a lot.

As an example I was searching for the following, “mCopyMiniSpaceObject” which can be found in game antares and is hosted on Google Code. To test out how deep indexers had progressed I compared the results among quite a few of the search engines out there. With the exception of koders (which produces no meaningful results to my eye) not a single other engine had a single result.

Of course I am sure a case can be found which has the opposite effect but it is nice to have some code which can only be found through Hopefully this will spur everyone else on to improve things.

The example searches are just below, firstly for code specific search engines,

Google Code Would expect this to have it





Giggle Bang

And some none code specific search engines