Codesearch API
2012/06/26 (309 words)

Happy to announce that the CodeSearch API is now alive and kicking for those who wish to use it. The details are included below.

Example calls,



Parameters are,

q = query

p = page

The return results are pretty self explanatory, except that they include a modeltype which indicates what sort of match it was, the types being

exactmatch, closematch, regexexact, regexclose

They allow you to highlight lines. Exact match means you entered a non regex IE not wrapped in / and there are exact matches. Close match means it couldn’t find anything exact and reverted to a loose match. Same with regexexact and regexclose except the first uses an exact regex match.

The other important part is the below,

Page = The page is just the page you are on.

Total = total number of results. You are limited to browsing 1000 though (just like Google)

Query = the exact query passed in

Matchterm = what we match on IE ignoring the lang: and ext: syntax

Regex = if its a regex search this is the regex used to match

Generalregex = loose matching regex for close matches

Nextpage = if there is a next page will have the id of the next page

Previouspage = if there is a previous page IE not on 0 will point at the previous page

Cs = Used internally, but just indicates its a code search

“page”: 0,

“total”: “1000”,

“query”: “/test/ lang:perl”,

“matchterm”: “/test/”,

“generalregex”: “/test/i”,

“regex”: “/test/”,

“nextpage”: 1,

“previouspage”: null,

“cs”: true

That should be enough to get you started. There are examples of how to call this in the DuckDuckGo spice project. If you do use this I would love to get a link so I can display it here, and a link back would be nice.