Codesearch API (307 words)

Happy to announce that the CodeSearch API is now alive and kicking for those who wish to use it. The details are included below.

Example calls,



Parameters are,

q = query

p = page

The return results are pretty self explanatory, except that they include a modeltype which indicates what sort of match it was, the types being

exactmatch, closematch, regexexact, regexclose

They allow you to highlight lines. Exact match means you entered a non regex IE not wrapped in / and there are exact matches. Close match means it couldn’t find anything exact and reverted to a loose match. Same with regexexact and regexclose except the first uses an exact regex match.

The other important part is the below,

Page = The page is just the page you are on.

Total = total number of results. You are limited to browsing 1000 though (just like Google)

Query = the exact query passed in

Matchterm = what we match on IE ignoring the lang: and ext: syntax

Regex = if its a regex search this is the regex used to match

Generalregex = loose matching regex for close matches

Nextpage = if there is a next page will have the id of the next page

Previouspage = if there is a previous page IE not on 0 will point at the previous page

Cs = Used internally, but just indicates its a code search

“page”: 0,

“total”: “1000”,

“query”: “/test/ lang:perl”,

“matchterm”: “/test/”,

“generalregex”: “/test/i”,

“regex”: “/test/”,

“nextpage”: 1,

“previouspage”: null,

“cs”: true

That should be enough to get you started. There are examples of how to call this in the DuckDuckGo spice project. If you do use this I would love to get a link so I can display it here, and a link back would be nice.