Updates in the Works
2012/10/12 (165 words)

Recently I have rolled out a few small performance and functional tweaks and changes. Nothing major to report here however I am working on the next version of searchcode which has an improved look and feel and blended search results. The idea being if you search for “mysql_query” you are probably interested in the documentation first and code examples second, or if you search for “mysql_query is a blocking function?” you are probably interested in web or stackoverflow results. The idea is taking form and I should have something rolled out in the next few weeks or thereabouts.

I other news I have started refreshing code repositories. As such the latest verion of code should start appearing in the index over the next month or so. Speaking of the index it is well over 7 billion lines of code now and growing reasonably rapidly. I am starting to push the limits of what my server can do (yes this mostly runs on a single server).