Gigablast Aquired and Code Posted
2013/07/29 (203 words)

Interestingly it seems that Matt Well’s search engine Gigablast has been acquired by [1]1 [2]2 [3]3 (demo here Gigablast has always been one of my favorite search engines simply because it is so interesting. Started by a single guy, with an interesting blog and being one of the last true new indexes of the web it was always worth a look. While its sad to see it go this way I am happy that Matt presumably has been able to cash out on his creation. Well done to him. I must admit Gigablast had been going downhill for a while and this might explain why ProCog appeared and then vanished so quickly.

The site is still running at this point (no idea on how long that will last) but in a totally unexpected move it is also now open source as free software (not sure if free software as no license is posted) See comments, Philippe Ombredanne has identified that its under the Apache Licence You can download the source on GitHub I have not had a chance to go through it yet, and the folder structure leaves much to be desired but the code is there for review.