The Fizzbuzz Bug Tracker A Bug Tracker for Single Developers
2013/09/06 (312 words)

This serves as the announcement of my new bug tracker product I am working on.

My needs are pretty specific and none of the existing bug trackers I have tried have meet the following goals.

With that in mind let me introduce the Fizzbuzz Bug Tracker. Fizzbuzz is a single executable that works on Windows, Linux and OSX (once I have a machine to compile it on). A suggested workflow is to copy it onto your Dropbox folder (or equivalent) where it will be synced across all devices. Fizzbuzz has a strong emphasis on speed. Adding projects or issues, searching across projects and issues, drilling into projects or issues is near instant.

Fizzbuzz spins up its own web-server running on whatever port you choose (defaults to 8080) allowing you to use it without installing any additional software. Fizzbuzz has no user login’s so getting started is very fast.

Interested? Let me know. Its getting very close to having a public release at which point I will probably choose a real name for it. If you would like to get access sooner rather then later email me or bitmessage me (details on the right bar and about page).