Why you should never ask permission to clean up code
2014/02/07 (158 words)

This is something that took me 2 years or so to learn. One day I realised nobody was really looking at my timecards in depth so I started allocating extra time to things and using the extra time to fix the things I thought needed fixing. Once I started delivering on this I showed my manager who agreed that it was a good use of time. I was given free reign to fix anything I felt would add maximum value, provided the bug fixes continued to be delivered without any major compromise.

Since that time I have re-factored quite a few code-bases; added unit tests, fixed some build processes, improved performance and generally feel happier at work for getting things done that are important to me.

Don’t get stuck in constant bug fix mode. If you cant get approval to fix things then change jobs because bug fix after bug fix is depressing and will bring you down.