More interview snippets….
2014/04/02 (195 words)

Since I wrote the code to these snippets I thought I may as well add them here in case I ever need them again or want to review them. As the other interview ones they are the answers to a question I was asked, slightly modified to protect the innocent. These ones are written in Python.

Q. Write a function to reverse each word in a string.

def reverse_each_word(words):
    Reverse each word in a string 
    return " ".join([x[::-1] for x in words.split(' ')])

The only thing of note in here is the x[::-1] which is extended slice syntax which reverses a string. You could also to reversed(x) although I believe at the time of writing it is MUCH slower.

Q. Given two arrays find which elements are not in the second.

def find_not_in_second(first, second): 
    Find which numbers are not in the
    second array
    return [x for x in first if x not in second]

I am especially proud of the second snippet as it is very easy to read and rather Pythonic. It takes in two lists such as [1,2,3] and [2,3,6] and returns a new list with the missing elements.