Portfold: Topic Research Software
2014/12/07 (388 words)

Every few years I have a habit of starting a new project. The goal always being to scratch my own itch and learn some new technology in the process. While I am still working on searchcode.com I really wanted to play with what I had learnt there and apply it to something new.

You can view it at portfold.com

Recently I have been taking an interest in various topics such as “Oil Gas Pipeline Failure Rates” and “Hydroelectric Dam Environmental Impacts” (both generated using Portfold). My standard workflow was enter a search term into my favorite search engine and then click through the results looking for the interesting information. Extremely time consuming I was looking to find a better way to do it.

The problem as such is that searching for information presents a collection of related blue links. What do you do then?

The result is a project called Portfold. Portfold is form of Topic Research Software. The workflow is pretty simple. You enter some search terms, and a list of results are displayed. Wait for a few moments and the results are pulled down, with all of the information extracted and in a print friendly format. Information such as the number of words and if the result is a PDF are displayed inline. It was built using Django with MySQL for the backend and AngularJS for the frontend making it a single page application.

I am not aware of anyone else solving this issue in this way. This may or may not be a good thing but I am gaining a lot of value from it.

You can view it at portfold.com however you will need an account. Email me at bboyte01@gmail.com if you would like one, however keep in mind I will be looking to charge for it at some point in the future simply because there are direct costs to running the service.

If you would like to see some examples of what sort of reports Portfold can produce please see the following detailed report outputs.

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