Decoding Captcha's Presentation (179 words)

A few days ago there was a lack of speakers for #SyPy which is the Sydney Python meet-up held most months and sponsored by Atlassian. I had previously put my hand up to help out if this situation ever came up and was mostly ready with a presentation about Decoding Captchas. I did not expect it to be so full that people were standing (largest crowd I had ever seen there). Thankfully it seemed to go over well and while I need to get more practice at public speaking I did enjoy it. A few choice tweets that came out of the end of the event,


Enjoyed my first #sypy meetup last night. The talk by @boyter was really interesting and fun!

— Rod Xavier Bondoc (@rodxavier14) March 5, 2015

@boyter it was an awesome presentation

— K Scott Huntley (@MillerTAFEScott) March 5, 2015

@boyter always enjoy listening to your presentation very informative….

— Lano Puljic (@lanox_) March 5, 2015

Anyway you can get all the code and the slides via Decoding Captchas Bitbucket or Decoding Captchas Github.