Resurrecting Bogan Ipsum
2022/02/01 (186 words)

I remember hearing about Bogan Ipsum, which was an alternative to Lorem Ipsum for you know bogan’s back in 2011 through LifeHacker. However it since became defunct. I became aware of this fact from Darren at work given the following message on slack?


Boganipsum where?

Clearly this needed to be rectified! A quick search found this implementation which seemed to work well enough, so I ported it to basic JavaScript (think 2001 style JavaScript) and threw together a quick HTML page. I then registered and the result?


I improved the nodejs implementation slightly, adding a “Add more aussie” option which is very NSFW and threw in some new phrases. The cherry on top of course is the image, which is a merge of a Simpsons style portrait of myself and Michael Cusack’s video Chuck Her In The Ute.

The internet needs more useless things. I am happy to help with this mission.

One thing I did notice is that Bing indexed the page considerably faster than Google, and had it searchable within hours rather than days. Hat’s off to the Bing team there.