Stay Safe on the Road
2020/08/02 (341 words)

SI live in an area with a popular driving road. As such you see a lot of people flying around in fancy cars, motorbikes and bike riders. Between where I am and the start there is an awful bit of road that funnels everyone together. As such a lot of people jump the line to get past the bike riders because there isn’t enough space for them to have their own lane (I keep complaining to my local member about this).

Yesterday I saw a L motorbike rider do this…. right into an oncoming car. The oncoming car was doing nothing wrong and the guy slammed full into him. The bloke on the bike flew onto the bonnet, cracked himself pretty badly and then bounced off the bonnet, and rolled over onto the kerb next to him. The drive of the car had braked of course, and this resulted in the next part. A motorbike rider going too fast, swerved around the car onto the kerb and then collided with with bloke who had just eaten pavement. This brought the whole road to a standstill, with about 50 motorbikes and cars all piling up. He got up after the second incident to him which was a slightly good sign. He looked totally punch drunk though, possibly with broken arms (they were flopping around) and he collapsed again pretty quickly afterwards and did not get up a second time.

I didn’t have anything to add after as there were enough people doing the usual look after stuff, so I ended up slowly passing and driving off. His smashed bike was still there several hours later, and lots of people standing around looking after stuff. I did see an ambulance and a few police cars tearing towards the location quickly after so it was pretty serious.

Stay safe on the road people… as you may have guessed this rather shocked me. Almost every weekend someone does something stupid on the roads where I live and I’d hate it to be one of you.