Types of Development (287 words)

Types of Development #1

Rage driven development

Where an existing application/process causes one to rage so hard you spend the next 6 weeks over-engineering a solution to solve a simple problem. Example Perl.

Types of Development #2

Test driven development

Where previous projects and death marches result in a violent reaction of over-correcting for past failures and everything must be tested dammit. Example includes any project where the goal is 100% test coverage.

Types of Development #3

README driven development

A markdown file is created and filled with a description of the perfect simple application. This remains relevant for the first 2.3 hours of development. Examples include any GNU tool replacement written in Go or Rust.

Types of Development #4

Resume driven development

Development driven by an intense desire by everyone involved to get a new job or promotion. Every technology choice is made as the ultimate resume padder. Examples include Kafka + Haskell Micro-services for ML IoT projects.

Types of Development #5

Sales Driven Development

Where you value potential customers more than existing customers. Usually caused by sales gaining commission on new sales but not existing contracts. Examples include almost all enterprise software with every check-box feature in the world.

Types of Development #6

Behavior Driven Development

Where you use real users to drive your development methodology and end up delivering a product that mostly works for about 3 people as everyone else had their voice drowned out. Examples include mobile apps tested by your Mum.

Types of Development #7

Contract Driven Development

You split into front-end and back-end teams who build ivory tower solutions and then blame each other for not conforming when the integration fails. Examples include most companies that adopt a micro-service architecture.