ServerlessDays ANZ 2024 - All slides, notes and links
2024/05/20 (236 words)

Welcome. If you are reading this you either follow me on RSS, watch my blog or were directed here at the start of my ServerlessDaysANZ 2024 talk about “Abusing Go, AWS Lambda and bloom filters to make a true Australian serverless search engine”. Whatever the case may be, welcome!

For the slides visit then just use the space bar to advance, the arrow keys to move around or the ESC key to see everything and then enter to select a slide. Press S to see the speaker notes, which are more or less the script I will be sticking to.

If you had questions but didn’t want to talk to me at the event, which I understand as I don’t really feel comfortable approaching people either, reach out to me via @boyter activitypub or email I promise I will respond eventually.

Searchcode itself can be found at and Bonzamate can be found at

The blog post everything was based off is here and contains a lot more detail.

For details about bitfunnel this video is excellent however the one at the bottom of this page is even better with more details. The bitfunnel paper itself can be found here

For a small implementation you can play around with visit where there is an implementation of everything you see in the slides you can use locally.